About Us

Welcome to QDR Labs (Quantum Decision Research, LLC), a data analytics and development firm specializing in innovative analytics-based and visualization solutions for organizations in blockchain platforms.

For our general business categories, we produce analytics solutions for (1) an integrated virtualization and visualization of real-time KPIs, and (2) gamification of decision support algorithms for company principal decision makers.

For our healthcare business category, we produce an analytics solution portfolio which includes:  (1) a copyrighted (OptimburseTM) messenger model prescriptive analytics-based assessment of provider-payor contract reimbursement fee schedules and market comparative matrices, (2) visual provider utilization statistics, (3) an intuitive 3D heads-up visual electronic records application and clinical decision support platform, and (4) a cloud-based secure cryptographic health records information exchange.

Our current research includes super-quantum and non-standard information/decision/statistical algorithms based on division algebras, machine/deep learning, information geometries, and information criterion, super-quantum network cryptography and entanglement, multi-dimensional holodeck visualization and gamification of performance dashboards, and blockchain technology.

Research prototypes are created in our special holodeck media lab that is comprised of commercial emergent virtual environments and proprietary hardware and software platforms.